The Bartek's

The Bartek's

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Toddler bed to Braces!!

So when I met Brandon I knew that I would be signing on for a "bonus" with him. In "bonus" I mean my wonderful step children. It is so cool to get to experience the baby stuff with Camdon but also all the school stuff with Dannikka & Hunter. HOWEVER. . .I have to prepare myself for everything. Like the CONSTANT bickering between D & H. So just this week i went from putting one little boy in his toddler bed another boy in braces.

I have to admit I have struggled with getting Camdon to stay in his bed all night and after a long day at work I do not have the energy to fight it on some nights. So I decided to try Camdon out in his crib converted to a toddler bed because I found it WAY easier to lay him down after he falls asleep in the chair with me. Well the 1st night was not successful because i walked in to find him screaming and standing all the way up in the bed. . . without the rail. So the next night we tried it again with the rail and a little more peace of mind.

Camdon did have a guest that wanted to join him in this adventure. . .although I dont think she remembers even being there.

Oh and of course Ace wanted to join in the "FUN".

Well just as the title says . . .we went from a Toddler bed for one boy to braces on the other boy. We were told by Hunter's dentist that he would have to have braces so the scheduled an appt about a month ago, and yesterday afternoon i spent an hour and a half at the orthodontist with him and this is how they turned out:


  1. The pictures are great! I like the look of your blog a lot!! Beautiful! Have a good day!


  2. OMG! Elles Belles! I can't believe you followed me over to my baby's blog! (Amber shut up and accept no matter how old you get you will always be one of my baby girls!)

    Amber, if you can believe it my little Ashley is going to be 20 this year! YIKES! I am NOT NOT NOT old! Anyways, hang in there! The staying in bed thing will get better but just know that even when they do get all grown up there will be times you find them back in your bed with you. And when that happens you actually will like it! At least I do when Nay Nay comes by and lays in my bed to recount her daily life to me. :)